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Week Note Four - Read between the lines.


Recently, I finished reading a book by Chris Hadfield's An Astronaut's Guide to Life and throughly enjoyed it. Most especially the part in travelling to the ISS (International Space Station), working on experiments, and landing back down to Earth. There was a great life tip that was mentioned in the book that immediately had a profound effect on me.

In any given situation, according to Hadfield, you’re either a ‘plus-one’, a ‘zero’ or a ‘minus-one’. If you’re a plus-one, you’re actively adding value. If you’re a zero, you’re generally competent and don’t get in the way. Being a minus-one sucks, because you’re a liability and actively cause problems.

If you’re a plus-one and you walk into a situation trying to prove how great you are, you can go from a plus one to a minus one – your ‘I got this’ mentality might easily irritate and prove detrimental to the dynamic.

So the best thing to do in a new situation? Aim for zero. Listen. Observe. Offer advice. Don’t try to take control of everything. If you know what you’re doing, you won’t need to tell people you’re a plus one. They’ll know it.

-- Life Hack - 10 Inspiring Life Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield

macOS Catalina

On the back of iOS 13 release, I did not pull the trigger to upgrade from Mojave (10.14.6) due to numerous bugs and fixes that occured over the last few months.

What did not surprise me was that the download size of macOS is now at a hefty 8.19 GB. It's strange perhaps unfair to compare to other OS such as Ubuntu Desktop weighing in at 2.3GB, FreeBSD 868 MB (disc 1) or 4.2 GB (DVD), or if you want to go to the extreme yet oh-so-good UNIX distro, OpenBSD coming in at 442 MB.

Storage space may be cheap yet Apple's standard of minimising bloat is another story. Microsoft's Windows 10 on the other hand has suddenly become an interesting OS to use thanks to the company's amazing push to embrace open source and putting out quality products such as Visual Studio Code.

RSS feed

There is now an RSS feed as XML and JSON. This has been lurking around in my list of things to do since forever when JSON Feed Version 1 was announced.

And Finally...

Baldie's Basic is a bizarre and weird game and I was forced to play it with my sons. Somehow there is a BALDI'S BASICS: THE MUSICAL based on the game too with 133 million views and counting.

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