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Week Note Thirty Nine - Step Forward.

The dark side of Autumn

We are fully in the autumn season and all eyes are on the new NORMAL - captalised for your eyeballs pleasure. Looking after your mental health will no doubt will be at the forefront of your mind, and remember to look after yourself whenever you can. Do not let the bullshit seep into your well-being as much as you can.

There are many online support like Mind, NHS guide, and Rethink are good links to check. Also if you feel like you need to talk to someone, call up a friend, a family member, or your GP.

Look after yourself.

Reddit treasures part 1

Reddit is a treasure trove of anything goes. During watching a hilarious episode of some ridiculous ghost hunter show where they were talking about risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the basement, a friend pinged a Reddit link (related to CO) this mysterious Post-it notes left in the apartment. It turns out the original poster had CO poisoning causing hallucinations and this prompted me to double check the battery in our CO detector at home.

From Robots to Empire...

Issac Asimov's Robots series completely blew my literary mind away and I did think to start the Foundation series. Although, the Empire series looks like a good starting point in the chronological order mentioned on wikipedia. There is a sense where is humanity is going next and did we ever pass the Great Filter?

And finally...

Stay safe, cats are awesome.

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