Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Eight - Fine.

When you are right, everyone says you're wrong...

... and that's fine.

Something cropped up recently when I pointed out something in the code that must keep to coding standards. It provoked an debate and then an internal conflict within me on the following:

  1. I pointed out like everyone else has done on all code reviews.
  2. It was not needed and best practice should be encouraged.
  3. Should I reply back in details?

At the end of the day, it to deal with this conflict because when it comes to being Deaf and you rely solely on replying via text chat, emails, or commenting? It is exhausting. In the end, I replied in a short message 'Okay, this is fine. I'm resolving this comment.'

Sometimes the small issue can be a big issue at some point in the future and visa versa.

This is the dilemma of the developer that we face daily.

Pagination styling with Floats, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

Remember the floats - The Front Devs of Old.

See the Pen Styling Paginations with Float, Flexbox, and CSS Grid. by Craig Butcher (@craigbutcher) on CodePen.

I randomly crafted up this little gem to help us Front End Devs that we need to remember how to do this properly. If you have ended up here to view the above, take a look at the codepen.

Automate your watch faces based on time

Hat tip to @NeilWarner who found this on Reddit - Apple Watch. I can see this idea happening for me as it could deal with discipline and time management.

And finally...

Why do I get the feeling that Oracle and Walmart bought the shell of TikTok's US outlet? The real engine is located somewhere in another country.

Stay safe, space, space space for goodness sake.

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