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Week Note Thirty Seven - Flu and cough season

London CSS - Endless Summer

It was a great little online conference and it went off without a hitch. Whoever was doing the captioning on the night, you have gained many new love from people who cannot believe the speed of the text flying across the screen. Much respect!

Stephanie shows off Style Stage, Cassie demonstrated painting with SVG, and the talk of the evening was Adam Argyle about what's up and coming in CSS.

There was a lot to take...err.. home about and there is this energy that went around virtually which was a much needed boost for our lockdown fatigue.

Style Stage

On the back of London CSS this year, Style Stage is a nod to CSS Zen Garden as described:

Style Stage seeks to rekindle that spirit by providing this page as the base HTML for contributors - like you! - to re-style by submitting an alternate stylesheet.

CSS Zen Garden was a great way of demonstrating CSS and understanding how it is constructed. It took myself a while to understand the potential and how to design website properly. Style Stage looks like something I can do in my own time to have fun designing for the heck of it.

The Caretaker

The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time - as a friend passed me this to listen to. I was told to listen to it for the experience and I think this will be a worthy test for the cochlear implant. Warning, read the content before playing because this is not going to be your average kind of listening.

And finally...

Poolside FM launched their app on iOS and macOS. There is the unique factor of how good this app is because it takes on the old look of macOS from the 80s, mish-mashed with vaporwave colours, and... Why don't you discover it for yourself? The website is absolutely spot on too.

Stay Safe. Have some cake.

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