Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Six - Crispy Leaves.

First week of September

September is going to be mixed emotions because this month is always associated with education because every pupil / students are returning. In the new world we are in, six long months has gone by and we are left thinking "did we do our best to help our children with home schooling?". Only time will tell...

Autumn is well on the way with the barometer spinning on the dial with no end of unpredictable weather and temperature!

London CSS

I had the pleasure of attending London CSS last year (Summer 2019) and it was a lovely little venue watching a range of speakers for a few hours and mingle with incredibly talented people. The only difference about this event? It was captioned!

This year's Event 4: Endless Summer will be hosted online on Thursday 10th September from 6:30pm and you can register for tickets.

Speaking about events, I would like to raise an incredibly informative post by Ahmed Khalifa on the subject of How to organise and run an awesome deaf accessible virtual event?.


Like the terminal? Like browsing the web using lynx, links, or w3m? Maybe you want a true modern text based browser that can render like modern browsers do, do check out browsh. The use case of this software is that it should be run on a remote server using MOSH (Mobile Shell) and it is fine to run it locally.

If you have Docker, you can run it as:

$ docker run -it --rm browsh/browsh

Give it a shot to see what is the fuss is about.

And finally...

An oldie but goodie - the September that never ended / Eternal September. Many old system administrators on university campus during the early 2000s will always refer it to "The endless downloading" whenever the students first discovered JANET speedy network...

Stay Safe. Autumn is here, enjoy the scenery change.

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