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Week Note Thirty Five - Time.

Time off

The last week of August is over and done. Most of the time it was being with my sons (while my other half working for the NHS as a phlebotomist) and DIY around the house that never seems to end! A lot of reflections occurred on my family, house, use of tech, and generally keeping check on my mental health.

There was a dip in the middle of the week when I felt that feeling the black dog was back and because we are still in a global pandemic, the feeling of having time off during this unorganised chaos was unusual to deal with because of conflicted issues of "Should I be working from home? Why am I having a crisis with this?".

Thankfully, talking about it helps with family and friends. We are in the new normal, life is changing around us at a fast pace, and we must remind ourselves that everything is okay.

Ungoogled Chromium

This week I have been mostly testing Chromium sans integration with Google web browser. It is impressive how they are prevent google's services and this will satisfy the privacy crowd. This browser fork was found via No More Google which has an extensive list of services if you need to wean yourself away from Google.

The browser engine landscape is getting smaller due to Mozilla cutting back on staff. 250 jobs are going which will hamper Firefox development. We do not need this happening because having competition is healthy.


I was introduced to this A Story about 'Magic' after discussing about the infamous turbo button that featured on older PCs. It's an amusing geeky story to read and it somewhat led to a retro flashback talk about 3DFX graphic cards, SLI, and Intel 80486 OverDrive. Yes, I'm in my 40s if you must know...

And finally...

RIP - Chadwick Boseman.

Stay Safe. Happy Incoming September.

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