Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Four - Tabs.

Tabs in browsers

Hands up who likes to have more than 5 tabs open in a browser. How about 10? Maybe 30? 50+?

I have been doing this a lot lately on my phone, tablet, and desktop and it's a horrible habit. We have digital anxiety when it feels like we must know everything. Sometimes that knowledge is a good thing to have yet we need to be training our brains that we have the information right at our fingertips whenever we need it.

What happens when we forget? Do we dive into our bookmarks and see if we can find it again? What was the name of the site? Who wrote it? Does it make any improvements on our lives? What.. what... what..



Relax and let it go. If it is useful, file it away in your notes for future reference. Is it not going to change your life or add anything useful to your skill set? Ditch it.

Be free of this blockage as much as you can.

Note: This also applies to bookmarks. I have tried pocket and it never worked out for me. Maybe I should allocate all bookmarks that truly interests me on to this site?

Huroshi Nagai

I absolutely adore his paintings because of the minimalism, surrealism, and vacant open summer scenes. There is this weird sort of nostalgia hooked in too perhaps after listening to vaporwave and future funk. Many of the city pop albums in Japan uses his work too.

Keeping Notion

The kanban boards are highly useful to organise my digital chaos and the UX/UI is a real nice touch for what I need. It is a matter of using it daily to keep in check where I am at. Regarding writing, I have been using a combination of Vim with MacDown for writing so far depending on the mood I'm in. I think this brings this argument in my head to a close!

And finally...

Will we ever see a new OS (operating system) in the next decade? Something tells me that this could be the case. Unless it is using ubuntu as a base...

Stay safe, September is around the corner.

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