Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Three - DIWHY


Hold up, why am I talking about September in the middle of August? Sometimes, we need to look ahead with binoculars to see where we think life is going. We are still in a global pandemic provoking the new normal that is settling down in our mind.

Schools are going to be opening up again and I look towards at my sons knowing they have missed out on five months of education and friends. Home schooling has dropped off thanks to summer holidays adding stress on top while working from home.

In years to come, we will have stories of 2020 to 2021 to share as it is a mixed bag of emotions. May we be positive to show that we can change our habits by keeping clean, and wear masks during the cold/flu season that happens yearly.

Who knows.

Lazy loading

It is available in modern web browsers apart from Safari which has this in experimental features. Time to play around and report back on my findings!

Have a look over at Can I Use - Lazy loading via attribute for images & iframes.

Leaving Notion part two (or three..?)

Notion is still in the picture and have moved notes back to Apple's which proves to be a quick winner thanks to the iPad's pencil where I can quickly draw or write my thoughts.

That leaves only the kanban and writings left to move. I'm tempted to look at Kanvim and use MacDown for writing.

!Remind me next week for another update!

And finally...

YouTube is a weird and wonderful source of everything. I have learnt how the Ghostbusters video game allowed you to type in a name and code to resume playing the game with a bigger bank account. Retro Recipes demonstrate how this works.

Stay safe, fight for your rights.

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