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Week Note Thirty One - Insanity?

Summer Juggling

What do you get when you have children of your own, working from home, and a list of things to do on your own house? There's a punchline around here because of constant little interruptions from my dear wonderful children (read that again in the style of Cruella DeVil).

It is not their fault because they are suffering from the effect of the sudden lockdown and the opportunity to see their friends has been severed. Recently, we have arranged times to meet up with them and the effect was incredibly positive within seconds.

Sometimes, these moments are incredibly time sensitive and keeping tabs on their mental health is an enormous feat in itself. With guidances, online materials, eating and drinking healthy, exercises, and generally getting their daily dosage of free vitamin D in the sun.

Everything is going to be okay.

Clerks. The Web Kind.

I had a blast watching and listening to the first few talks on Web Clerks - Vienna Calling. Before it all started, they did mentioned to me that the event will be live captioned via third party.

What a great half talk! Cassie Evans with Making the web more whimsical with SVG, Michelle Barker with Zig-Zag Gradient Lab, and a clappy mic by Ramón Huidobro. I didn't see the rest of the talks due to the nature of fatherhood and knowing I can catch up on the rest later. Inspiring talks and the captioning was embraced by everyone in the channel. That made my week.


A quick lowdown on writing, I am always expressive when I write yet it's hard to keep a straight face. Most of the time it goes tailing off into the unknown with weird and wonderful sketches rolling around my head.

Communication wise while being Deaf, it is our own true way. Sure we can use sign language or talk, yet nothing beats writing it down. Twitter gives us the opportunity to write it down in 280 characters including expanding it in threads. Blogging helps us to brain dump the snapshots in our daily life, documentation when we finish coding or the need to show the world what we have done in our nerdy happy lives.

Keep on writing.

And finally...

The Umbrella Academy is back and we are already netflix-binging and The Boys is appearing on Amazon Prime next month. Looks like the escapism of heroes and anti-heroes are back.

Stay safe, look forward.

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