Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty - Habits


For the first time, this week note is a day late. I was surprised at myself that I broke my habit and a quick reflection was that I had numerous things happening all at once, where my brain buried this habit as "not to worry about till later".

Looking at the positive side of things, I have managed 29 week notes over the course of the year without stopping and that is an amazing feat for myself. I have wrestled with my mind for years to write again because of my mental health issues and it felt good to break the mould.


August is around the corner and the calendar slowly filled with activities with the family, working on the house, and generally reminding myself not to be too serious about things thanks to COVID-19 changing our mindsets. The new normal has been here for four months and nobody ever wants to revert back to the previous lifestyle. If people are hankering for these times, then they will need to move on. It is all for the better and right now, the water is becoming clearer for the world what to do next.


Recently, I have been playing around with APIs using JavaScript again. I do enjoy exploring and using data, and putting them into different designs that I come up with. Sometimes, when I look at a website and the design breaks accessibility, if an API is available that they use themselves or on external sites offering free APIs, I often make my own simplified and readable version.

Let's not start talking about CORS. That will be a worthy investigation for all developers to understand!

And finally...

Shocker - Programming sucks.

Stay safe, keep learning.

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