Craig Butcher

Week Note Three - Cough and Cough-bility

Haywire coughing

The combination of winter and dry AC makes a fantastic soup of “This cough again?”. Thankfully, the use of Working From Home (WFH) was into full play to prevent spreading this nasty cough - and ears, the endless whisperings of the cough! - meanwhile being able to work from home does help enormously in terms of mental health space.

Being unwell can somehow change the cochlear implant’s (CI) production of sounds. Because relying on the CI is a must for myself to function in office environment and it’s not a joy to have amplified echoes in the brain!

Nintendo Switch

This beats Apple at their game because mobile gaming - it’s definitely called that, don’t try and sugar coat it - sucks. Nintendo including Microsoft and Sony has soul throughout their hardware. It’s an emotion physical connection. I cannot game on touch screen based hardware where physical hardware triumphs over software touchscreen interfaces.


I had unintentionally, picked up a second hand coolermaster ten keyless keyboard much to the “tut tut” sounds from my other half (I still love you!).

And Finally...

A spectacular ‘A’ class lesson in how not to build a website. Exhibit A and the only exhibit to seal the fate of this case to ‘GUILTY’, I present Awwwards Conference Amsterdam - An Event for UX / UI Designers and Web Developers.

Begone to the pits of broken websites! BEGONE!

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