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Week Note Twenty Nine - Visiting

Out and about

We have returned to Norwich after 16 weeks since the lockdown begun and the experience was absolutely surreal. Emotions dances around "should we be out walking around?" to "I cannot cope with people not learning how to social distancing". In between the emotions was that shops closed down because of the lack of customers, cafes moved places, and discussion including exchanging lockdown stories with people while queuing for coffees.

This is no doubt the new normal and it brought out ugly truths of the government, people, and the world itself.

Fire and brimstone!

Probably the best description for what happened recently in the week on this planet. At home, the 'net connection came back on with lower speed prompting a fault report to replace the skinny, old, and unstable phone wire that can only output at 25mbit. Now I'm surfing on the 'net at a delicious 80/20 speed.

Hold on, read that last paragraph again?

"... delicious 80/20 speed"

Yes, that's right, it is the default speed in the United Kingdom where other areas can get cable or faster fibre speed in urban areas rather than town or rural area. The United Kingdom could have gone into the fast lane of the internet superhighway (does anyone remember this neat concept back in the 90s?) if Thatcher didn't killed the the idea.


I do like using this app. It is using Electron as a base, it eats into CPUs like chips and is sluggish to use after a while. It's a frustrating experience when typing because when you type, you want to be seeing that feedback that a) you have pressed something, and b) you want that feedback to be responsive immediately.

I think I am going to look for an alternative or perhaps use a native app that uses Notion API. Or construct a system that I can use Vim instead.

And finally...

James Lovelock wrote a book Novacene: The coming age of hyperintelligence at the age of 100 and is working on a follow up book. Proof that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Stay safe, wear funky masks because we need happiness in this world.

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