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Week Note Twenty Eight - Summerwave


That is how I am feeling right now after staring at this screen for a few minutes. I have been doing these week notes for seven months and it feels like it has become a chore. I always remind myself "Remember to have fun writing. It's the same principle for everything and don't take things too seriously".

Everything is a rediscovery and we should take advantage of that.

4G continues...

Last week, I wrote in my week note twenty seven about surfing the internet on 4G. With a couple of days left before getting my 'net connection wired up to the house, it has been annoying to use 4G because of adverts and trackers dedicated to lunch on every precious bandwidth I have running. I cannot wait to get Pi-hole up and running again on the local home network for that clean 'net experience.

iOS 14 Public Beta for iPhone

Surprisingly solid to use for a public beta nothing like it was in previous releases. There are various bugs, UX (user experience) issues, and some UI (user interface) that looks downright odd, if you are brave to try it out, be sure to report these issues.

My favourite UX quirk is replying to people on messages where my muscle memory coming from Signal/WhatsApp crowd, where swiping to reply to works as intended. In Messages, it is a long press and select 'reply' in the menu, that's a chore to get used to because of our existing user behaviour. Swiping makes common sense because I do not think that people are aware that 'long press' action exists.

Compact calls, Translate, Safari's privacy report is a must have, and Privacy went one step better. For example, there is a neat recording indicator if your camera or microphone is in use - that you can check out in Control Center if an app has been using it - along with app's accessing clipboard that you have copied to.

Apple has till September to launch the GM (Gold Master - when software is ready to be delivered to the general public), there will be a lot of changes and potential removal of features based on users' feedbacks throughout to test. If you need reminding about iOS latest highlights , pop over to Apple's iOS 14 preview page.

And finally...

Does anyone remember Digital Blasphemy?

Stay safe and smile behind the mask - people can tell.

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