Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Seven - Tired.

Moving utilities

Moving to Bulb for gas and electricity is an interesting experience and their website is straightforward to access. Moving fibre broadband is a painful experience that takes up to two weeks for it to be connected to the premises. Thankfully, I have my mobile data connection with moderate average speed of 10mbit with hotspot enabled, it is going to be tough especially having children who likes that instant tap to streaming.

Mind, it is nice to reintroduce them to myself as a father that provides entertainment.

Surfing the internet on 4G

I have been watching how fast pages have been loading on 4G which average from a low 5mbit to a whopping 15mbit(!). Accessing websites is always going to be a challenge and I have seen page breakages on various sites that is not optimised on web performance.

Peter Johnson delivered an honest tweet about this:

We've somehow accidentally all reverted to building macromedia flash websites

For the new young web audience, flash websites were dreadfully slow and inaccessible. Not to mention you had to have a flash plugin that also was insecure!

Solar Opposites

A screaming funny animated TV series from the creator of Rick and Morty. Beware, you must be prepared to let go everything that you know and love.. er... not sure where I am getting at. Go and watch!

And finally...

TIL - Disc golf. I did not know such a thing exists and I'm amazed at the sheer accurately and fun of it.

Stay safe, drink water.

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