Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Four - Afternoon heat

Summer is here

... and social distancing is still in fashion. Here we are, in the evening heat where it is averaging 20c. I'm typing this week note entry watching the sun goes down with some vaporwave tunes in the background. The genre of this music can trigger a sense of nostalgia that we all miss or long for as we get older.

I have been thinking to build an arcade machine and using RecalBox or RetroPie. Looks like it is time to get a shed soon.

Dead Pixel

Barely three weeks in, I have discovered a dead pixel on my new ultra-wide monitor which is infuriating. Unfortunately, it sits where my eye line is on the monitor and I have triggered a service request for a replacement. All this happened on a Friday night, I have went into a small time sink reading up possibility of ridiculous fixes to "they may not replace it, get used to it". Got to think positive here and finger crosses for an exchange.

Aye Aye Docker

For the past week, I have been having way too much fun with this virtualization software and it helps with web development. If I want to run WordPress locally, all I have to do is to spin up a WordPress container using docker-compose - a script that pulls in images of MariaDB, PHPMyAdmin, and WordPress - while pointing to the theme directory to build.

Excuse me, I think I have an idea to build another container for 11ty.

And finally...

Do you like clouds? You should become a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society.

Stay safe, wear suncream.

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