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Week Note Twenty Three - Rainy June

Screen Breaks

The past week, I went through this irritable fatigue of looking at screens. At first, it was unusual for me to be like this because my day job requires me looking and working on code. The lockdown can bring out all sort of behaviours, no matter how weird and wonderful they are (got to stay positive!) yet self reflecting can intend to make us go a little crazier.

It's good for us to take breaks. We need it, we are not superhuman sitting in front of our screens 24/7.

Mental Health

Since the workout is helping a lot. I have increased the amount of daily walks per day, added on a new habit to do 2 sets of 25 chest / tricep presses daily, and took a good look at what I was reading online, books, what's next to read. It's a great check in for the mind including reaching out to family and friends how they are doing.

Children's Shows

Netflix has been on a roll with this. We have been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, Clarence, and The Loud House. I have introduced to some great classic and modern cartoons to my sons such as Adventure Time, The Real Ghostbusters, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Growing up in the 80s was a tricky time when it comes to TV because of the lack of subtitles. Now it is like a full circle for me to fill in the missing gaps. Absolutely worth it.

And finally...

51 Worldwide Games came out for the Nintendo Switch and it is incredibly well polished. Seeing games like Mancala immediately hooked our attention in this family because of the pure simplicity. In the world we are in, we need that escapism for a brief period of time.

Stay safe. Keep protesting.

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