Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty One - May Ray

MacBook Air

After much consideration over the past few weeks of being on the fence to buy a new laptop to replace my ageing mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15". I have opted for the Space Grey i5/16GB/512GB option. After a few days, I have to say that this is a shockingly a good solid Mac. The technology upgrade is stunning. Gorgeous screen, a proper keyboard, big trackpad, Touch ID, and what stunned me was the speakers!

Sega Master System Games Reviews.

What? The Sega Master System? Why?

Because I would like to! It is a way to get myself back into reviewing old games. I will try and aim to write one review per week or every two weeks. I have not figured it out and happily to go along the way. It is a matter of finding my 'voice' online.

Family Film Nights

They are rather fun! Sometimes, we have to put up with the choices that our sons have selected for their regular saturday night film night. We, the adults - the products of the 80s, have decided to take over the living room to starting with The Goonies. Somehow a sequel is in the works for that film, we will wait and see if it has legs...

And finally...

Be sure to check out My Analog Journal. I'm currently listening to Soulful and Jazzy Records from Brazil with Yemeksepeti Banabi. Highly recommended to subscribe.

Stay safe, eat fruits.

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