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Week Note Twenty - I like pens

All the pens and pencils!

I love all things stationery especially pens and pencils. Here is my collection so far...


I have been using this service for a long while now. What is great is that I don't have to install various services like apache, nginx, mysql, etc onto the host system as they all lives in 'containers'. It is a must have in the web development toolbox. Their documentation is well written and I often fall back in there for guidances.

Past Writings

I have started to add back some past writing that I wrote on many previous websites I had in the past.

Reading these made me realise that I absolutely loved writing and fell out of it because of my mental health issues that I went through. There was this strange dislike for writing as I felt I could not produce anything.

Today? I'm enjoying it again, it is best to do it in small doses, knowing that the first draft is not going to be perfect, and there are always room for improvements every time.

And finally...

What do you get if you load all the AC/DC lyrics into an AI? The answer is AI/DC: I made a bot write an AC/DC song

Stay Safe, Be Gordon Freeman!

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