Craig Butcher

Week Note Two - First week of January will devour you.


It's a fickle thing. Sometimes it takes you to places that has a good knock-on effect on yourself and the buzz is real. Other times, it takes a back seat to allow learning and concentration to take front seat to work at the task at hand. Especially when it comes to working with people have varied skills and abilities to accomplish tasks.


I have been playing with the idea of microblogging on and off thinking it does not really work for me. After seeing Andy Bell's effort, I believe it will make it an interesting tid bits to add onto this site. I will be using 11ty for this and need to hook up a front end admin board so I can microblog from the phone.


I have obtained a number of keyboards and a couple of mouses in the past couple of years. After picking up a second hand mechanical keyboard on eBay, it has inspired me to sort out my long suffering mechanical keyboard bookmarks. If you are looking for one, hold on to your Cherry MX / Gaterons switches till I get something up!

And Finally...

I did managed to sort out my browser tab hoarding down from 65 to 55. An incredible feat if you must say, yet it has crept back up to 60 again.

You can't win them all.

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