Craig Butcher

Week Note Nineteen - Not a fork in the road.

Nothing is ever enough

... and it is not a bad thing.

Further wisdom will be written up in a future article, post, whatever is the latest hip thing these days. I have been thinking about what I have accomplished in my life and it feels I am not satisfied. Why does it grate on my nerves? Answers on digital postcards please.

Hidden Writings

I have stored a lot of my old writings that I used to have on my previous website, Legobot, and discovered that I can not identify with that 'person' comparing to myself today. The habit of not showing long form writings stuck with me for few years because of past workplace circumstances that took an impact on my mental health.

I do believe I am comfortable, because the time is right, to show my past thoughts. If I am on a roll with week notes, then this is the right direction to do so.

Counting the days

In the unprecedented (overused word used by politicians) times we are in, many people recommend not to count the days and take each day as it comes. In my use case, being the visual person, I like to see it written down in order to have a sense of understanding where I am in my headspace and check in to see how I am doing. It is a weird yet grounded kind of way to do so and it's an important life lesson that we must be kind to ourselves.

And finally...

Are you interested in the history of the web (that's a real link!) and it has been remarkably enjoyable to read. Check out the archives of recent stories that featured. This is a growing trend where reading long form email is wonderfully soothing. Treat yourself to learning the past events that made the web today.

Stay safe, live simple.

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