Craig Butcher

Week Note Seventeen - Cameralama.


Recently at work, the level of accessibility jumped up because of Microsoft Teams! Switch on side chat bars and getting everyone in the team to switch on the webcams brings a sense of humanity.

The real killer? Enabling Live Captioning option in the conference call. It has about 90% accurate rate and some of the words can be challenging because of different accents ranging from 'Norfolkian', Scottish, Yorkshire, Indian, and London. It is a great insight to see how people talk and what was surprisingly that it managed to pick up Scottish slang pretty well. Has Microsoft been working on this in the highlands?

The other 10% of grammar or incorrect words can be pretty amusing for everyone except for myself having a Deaf brain ‘rewriting’ words on the fly in our head.

What’s your background in your call? Star Wars official site has a post where you can grab beautifully rendered famous scenes for your meetings.

Happy little accident in CodePen

I love it when it happens. Originally, I was trying to create a two border layout using one div border and a ::before pseudo-element to create an inner border with a 2 pixel gap in between. Having accidentally inputted in the wrong value for the margin property, the result was Grid boxes ::before and ::after borders.


For the retro gaming geek in me, I have been using various emulators to run classic arcade and console games. It irks me that I have to use separate emulation software to run them. OpenEmu deals with it all neatly and allows you to use whatever controllers you have. It’s impressive and a good community works behind the scene too. It’s time to drive that Ferrari Testarossa down the open road...

And finally...

Head over to YouTube and check out Mr. Tfue‘s underground swimming pool house. It is a nice escapism!

Stay safe, be wonderful.

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