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Week Note Sixteen - Upside Outside

Lockdown fatigue

After 33 days, fatigue has been lingering in my mind for a couple of weeks and everything feels like autopilot mode to get through day by day.

It has affected my sleep, weird mood swings, becoming slack on daily tasks, and being less communicative to everyone. I tweeted about it and it turns out I was not alone. @mohicankid tweeted a good reply:

Yup I put it down to sub conscious anxiety caused by the loss of control over my day! I don't think I'm as affected as most as I have still been working! But other than that not being able to do what I want when I want is most likely having an effect

The shift from ‘living’ to ‘existing’ happened and it is not a pleasant feeling to have.

It is time to get back into productive routines and start ‘living’ again. It's an important need to keep ourselves sane. Step by step, it will happen.

Relearning Vim

After discovering Visual Studio Code has developed an eating habit into the laptop's battery like it was an open buffet, I have decided to return to Vim. It was a shock to the system of how slack my muscle memory was and my brain jammed the cogs after seeing the .vimrc in a huge unintelligible mess.

A quick zap of the .vimrc and learning from scratch. It has turned into an editor that makes sense to use, it is extremely portable to other operating systems (Windows!), and does not get in the way. I'm looking forward to document my findings as I go along.

iPad != Web Development

It is a brilliant creation device and an useful sidecar feature. I did a quick experiment to see if it is possible to do web development. Within 15 minutes, I found it is too cumbersome to use and it causes obstacles in the mind.

For an effective tool, using a laptop or desktop is the only realistic option today. One day, it will be great to see phones going into the desktop space using a dock and monitor (bring your own keyboard and mouse). There have been attempts in the past by Motorola and I think Samsung done it recently with DeX.

Mind you, it was odd seeing Vim on the iPad. Then again, I did say Vim is portable earlier!

And finally...

Mental Floss is one of my favourite sites for a quick go to for reading interesting facts about... well everything! I'm a big fan of Stanley Kubrick and having discovered 16 hardcore facts about Full Metal Jacket. R. Lee Ermey's performance blew my mind when I first saw the film some twenty years ago and is still quotable.

Stay safe, be kind to yourself.

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