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Week Note Fifteen - Nerfin' it


On the back of last week when I started the mixtapes, a Monday Mood [mixtape 004] was done to kickstart the week. It was a challenge set by a friend... "If you ask, you will get" was my response and it is filled with some funky low bass lines! Wind onto the weekend, I have delved into the world of synthwave for the 80s style Splash 19 [mixtape 005]. The afternoon heat of Easter "Chocolate feast" Sunday (completed with a 30 minutes evening thunderstorm outside!) with Summer 87 [mixtape 006]. May your ears be happy.

Tiger King

Absolutely no words for this documentary because not only it is outrageous, it is the sheer maniacal mind of Joe "Exotic" Schreibvogel and others that featured. Thanks to the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak, it is increasingly the most popular show on Netflix.


Working from home has constantly made myself review how I am progressing in terms of movements, note taking, and muscle memory usage. I ended up developing back pains that crept up during the week and my posture was shockingly crap. The culprit was the monitor set up and I have invested in a dual arm monitor bracket. The changes were immediately effective and I have been playing with the idea to rotate one of the monitor as a vertical layout for coding and better readability.

And finally...

Andy Bell has launched a preorder course of Learn Eleventy from Scratch and there is the early bird discount. If you want to learn 11ty, grab the course ASAP at that ridiculously good price.

Stay safe, make cakes.

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