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Week Note Fourteen - April Marbles


The lockdown continues and the days and weekends are being blurred.

Last Friday evening, I randomly kicked off the first mixtape titled Rush of Sevens [001]. It is a mixture of vaporwave, chillwave, and future funk. I have been listening to a lot of these genre for the past year and it is a required music taste.

Then suddenly, I had the urge to do another mixtape the following day, Deep Motions [002] and came across a hell of a bass shaking track - Where Am I Going by Aseckas (this music category is known as simpsonwave).

Passing Beats [003] suddenly appeared today of all days where the evening sun was shining in its glory where I took the trip to the back garden on the look for lofi hip hop / chillhop. BluntOne's Cloud Surfing album as discovered on YouTube has some absolute ear melting tracks that you want to rewind it back for that heavenly sigh.

This is an enjoyable escape to make mixtapes, looks like it is time to dedicate myself to make a mixtape page soon!

Workout and gaining weight

Keeping fit is absolutely vital for mental wellbeing and I have been making a habit in keeping up with my workout. I go for daily walks with my family, this could change due to a stricter lockdown potentially looming on the horizons), and at home with my dumbbells set. The simplified plan of fitness contains a 30 to 35 minutes workout plan including roughly 10 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and core. I do the following in rotation shift per week, for example:

On mentioning about gaining weight, it is something of a sensitive subject because I have been 'slim' most of my life marred with emotional eating impacted by my mental health issues in the past. Nowadays, I intend to eat till I feel full, eat healthy, and it's okay to have the odd junk food or treats.


The mind took a wild trip during my WFH session which I had to step back to identify what had occurred and I made a self discovery that I have been wearing 'multiple' masks. Each of the mask has a personality that I develop primarily for work, when mixing with hearing people, and neglected my Deaf identity for so long. It was a huge relief that I no longer have to maintain that and truly be myself.

I can finally breathe at last in knowing I start rebuilding part of my life again by taking out the unnecessary parts. It's a beautiful form of refactoring the wetware.

And finally...

Last week I wrote about a Half Life documentary and then randomly discovered Half-Life 2 Developers React to 50 Minute Speedrun. You have been warned, it's utterly crazy how speedrunners goes through the entire game so quickly by exploiting bugs to achieve such a short run.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and remember to have a shower.

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