Craig Butcher

Week Note Eleven - Positive State Nation

Wash Your Hands

How about Wash Your Lyrics? Thanks to William Gibson to keep our sanity in cleaning our hands, put in your favourite track and artist and it will generate the poster similar to the NHS's version. It's a brilliant and innovated way to get people to wash their hands along to their favourite songs.

Mental Health

Look after yourself and your mental health too. Be inspired by the people of Italy and how they are singing and playing instruments while in solidarity to lift spirits and hope. Yo-Yo Ma tweeted to share some of the music that gives him comfort.

All this reminds me of the classic ZeFrank - Chillout. It's okay to get the tears out and breathe because you are human after all.

Future society

I believe that society in the future will change from COVID-19 as it is recorded everywhere and what we should do prevent the next pandemic from happening. A realistic plan should always be put in place by every country in the world, be transparent, and protect humanity.

Let me leave this quote here by George Santayana, The Life of Reason: The Phases of Human Progress (1905-1906) - Vol. I, Reason in Common Sense:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

And finally...

Stay safe and be excellent to each other.

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