Craig Butcher

Week Note One - Input / Output brain dump

What are week notes

Hat tip from James Loveridge regarding week notes that he was inspired from others. I think this can work for me since it can work in any format like bullet (journal?) bitesize ways. Thanks James, you can rest on your laurels that you can no longer nag me to get my website up again!

Repos and gists

I had lot of interesting things in my repos and gists on Github. I did a quick spring clean for the repos and while going through it, I came across Whoa layout plugin - a fancy, er... overlay modal - that I created as part of my tech interview back in 2014 which landed me the job. I'm not embarrased by the use of jQuery and simplicity of the plugin as it was part of the Front End learning experience.

Although, my gists are getting out of control. Currently it stands at 136 gists and they are merely code brain dumps thrown around from home and work. Most of these will be moved to codepen since it will have better visual representation.


The pile of books - in physical and digital form - has been nagging me for most of 2019 thanks to binging on wonderful shows like Mr. Robot, The Wire, The Expanse, and countless other TV shows. It was time to fertilise the brain again with some excellent reading materials such as Going Deaf For A Living by Steve Lamacq, Captain Underpants (thanks to my sons!) to name a few!

And Finally...

I need sleep.

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